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The Planets and Moons

Lesley Urasky

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galileanmoons Theory suggesting that the Moon was captured by Earth's gravitational pull and brought closer.
greatdarkspot Bowl-shaped depression.
regolith Type of greenhouse effect where a planet's atmosphere increases its ability to retain heat.
crater Long-lived storm system in Neptune's atmosphere.
runaway Theory suggesting that the Moon formed from an impact of a Mars sized object.
seasonal Surface dust.
synchronousorbit Eastward and westward atmospheric flow; symmetrical about the equator.
shepherdsatellites Gravitational pull of a moon that helps keep the planet's ring(s) in shape.
tidallocking Theory suggesting that the Moon formed from the Earth.
capture Long-lived hole in clouds that permits astronomers to see into Jupiter's lower atmosphere.
zonalflow Forces that cause a satellite to rotate at the same rate it revolves around its parent planet.
coorbitalsatellites Thin, flat rings surrounding gaseous planets.
impact The four large moons of Jupiter.
daughterfission Occurs when a planet's or moon's orbit is equal to its average orbital period.
retrogrademotion Regions on Mercury that are relatively smooth.
greatredspot Martian polar ice cap that grows and shrinks.
residual Long-lived storm system in Jupiter's atmosphere.
maria An apparent backward loop traced by a planet.
highlands Rotating storm system near the Great Red Spot.
intercraterplains When rotation rates are unequal at the equator and the poles of a gaseous planet.
whiteovals Dark, smooth, basaltic features on the lunar surface.
brownovals Regions on the lunar surface that are elevated above maria.
planetaryringsystem Moons that share the same orbit.
differentialrotation Martian polar ice cap that remains permanently frozen.
sistercoformation Theory suggesting the Moon formed as a separate oject close to Earth.

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