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The Sun


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hydrogen In a few Billion years our star will become a __________
coronalmassejections Our Sun (and all active stars) emits ______________
radiativezone the sun is larger than the Earth (T or F)
solar flare the crown, above the chromosphere, seen only during eclipses
auroras the only time we can see the chromosphere
sunspots flame like structures extending above the photosphere for short periods of time
eleven Our sun is made of 70% ______________ and 28% Helium
onehundredten This is between the core and convection zone.
core about how many times wider is the sun compared to the earth?
radiation sudden burst of electromagnetic energy and particles from a magnetic loop in an active region
granulation the color of our sun
photosphere the color sphere. Temps can reach 20,000 K
chromosphere a continuous flow of particles that blows past the earth
solarwind This protects us from some ultra-violet, and most x-rays and gamma rays
false the sun is a planet (T or F)
corona cool clouds of H gas above the sun's photosphere in the corona
ozonelayer the pattern of cells with bright centers and dark centers. Found on the photosphere
spicules The Sun’s powerful _________ keeps the planets in orbit
convectionzone eventually forms loops and becomes tangled
gravity temps are only 6,200F (very cool).They are dark and small.
solareclipse Electrons from solar wind are captured by the Earth’s magnetic field
Red Giant This is below the photosphere, has temps below 500,000 K
prominence site of fusion reactions. Reaches temps of 16 x 10^6 K
sun our star
yellow massive clouds of plasma ejected from the Sun
true the visible surface of the sun. Temperature= 6000K
magnetic field the sunspots hit their peak every ________ years.

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