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Astronomy I

Mr. Power

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radiowaves Type of telescope that uses a convex lens
Hubble Galaxies that have no regular shape
reflecting The wave with the longest wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum
Electromagneticradiation When as star is moving towards the Earth, its wavelength shortens, when this happens the spectrum shifts towards this color.
Gammarays A lens that is thicker in the middle than at the edges
Refracting Our galaxy
red Visible light has a very ____________ wavelength
Wavelength Distance between the crest of one wave and the crest of the next wave
Galaxy Type of telescope that uses a mirror
Observatory A device used to detect radio waves from objects in space
Milkyway A building with one or more telescopes
Night Patterns of stars in the sky
Nebula Light you can see with you eyes
Spectrograph A reflecting telescope that orbits the Earth
Binary Star A cluster of hundreds of billions of stars
Spiral All space and everything in it.
Elliptical When do most astronomers have to work
Short Start system with two stars
radiotelescope The wave with the shortest wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum
Irregular Our Star
Blue When as star is moving away from Earth, its wavelength lengthens, when this happens the spectrum shifts towards this color.
Visiblelight Most stars are composed of 73% of this element
Hydrogen The birth of the universe
Universe Interstellar cloud of gas and dust
Sun A galaxy with outstreched arms
Bigbang Energy that can travel directly through space in the form of waves
Constellations An instrument that breaks down light from an object into colors
Convexlens A galaxy looks like a flatten ball and has only old stars

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