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Changing Rights and Freedoms

Year 10 History

Indigenous Australians

cook Government report in 1967 on stolen Aboriginal children. "(__________) Them Home".
millicent Artist who designed the Aboriginal flag: Harold (___________).
yellow Government policy under which children were taken from their parents 'for their own good'.
dispossession Name of the girl who lived at Sister Kate's Home that we studied in class.
compensation Colours of the Aboriginal flag: black, red and (__________).
states One white and one Aboriginal parent....half-(_________).
referendum This is needed to change the constitution
hreoc Organisation established to help stolen Aboriginal children find their families.
assimilation Aboriginal children taken from their parents were called the 'stolen (_____________).
census 1970 was the 200th anniversary of Captain (_______)'s landing in Australia.
mumshirl The majority of people and (___________) have to agree for the constitution to be amended.
linkup Australian city where the tent embassy was set up in 1972.
bringing Known as the "black saint of Redfern".
caste Areferendum was needed before Aborigines could be included in the (________).
sacred Abbreviation for Human Rights and Equal Employment Commission.
canberra Given money to make up for something taken from you is (____________).
protection "Stolen" Aboriginal girls were educated to become domestic (__________).
indigenous Prime Minister before Kevin Rudd: John (_____________).
servants Land that his significance for Aboriginal people: "(__________) Sites".
generation Abbreviation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
howard Christianity was the (__________) that stolen Aboriginal children were forced to follow.
tent This embassy was set up outside Parliament House in 1972.
freeman Aborigines and American Indians are (___________) people of their countries.
thomas This term is used to describe the taking of aboriginal land by the white settlers.
atsi Government policy of the 50's and 60's where indigenous people were absorbed into 'white society'.
religion Famous Aboriginal 400m runner: Cathy (_____________).

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