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Aircraft Designers

Design Group 2

Many people look at the aircraft and fail to see the hands and minds that built them. The aircraft designer at times can be the unsung hero. My great aircraft designs would have never happened without their technical skills and creative visions.

Thurston Established Compagnie Des Messageries Avienne, now named Air France
Rand Autogyros
Northrop In 1925 founded with Walter Beech, the Travel Air Manufacturing Company in Wichita KS
MacCready Created innovations such as the flying platform, the Coleopter
Jamouneau Developed a special wingtip "winglet",
DeHavilland British designer more than fifty aircraft like the Mosquito
Zeppelin MB-1 twin engined bomber of 1918, B-10 bomber and China Clippers, Marauder bombers
Langley First to fly an aircraft across the English Channel
Focke The Father of Human-Powered Flight
Rutan Original name was Marcel Bloch he changed his last name became a major part in the revival of the French aircraft industry
Sikorsky On October 7, 1963, his vision of a high speed, high luxury, corporate jet became a reality
Cierva his American civil engineer is considered one of the early pioneers of flight
Lear First to fly
Martin Invented the trubojet engine in 1930
Taylor DR-1 tri-plane
Whitcomb Birth of Strategic Bombing in October 1915 with squadron-size raids by numerous ships
Johnson Cirrus Design Corporation is an aircraft manufacturer that was founded in 1984
Klapmeier His light attack design resulted in the production of 2,960 Skyhawks
Tupolev Originally founded as the Taylor Brothers Aircraft Manufacturing Company
Mitchell Aeronautical engineer who invented the autogiro
Chanute Originally Loughead Aircraft Manufacturing Company
Cessna In 1920 in California he formed his own aircraft company in Santa Monica
Dassault Designer of Zenith Aircraft Company's line of kit aircraft
Dyke Most known for his work with gliders, influenced Wright Brothers airfoil design
Moss Among his notable achievements were the production of the U.S. Navy’s first carrier based jet fighter
Messerschmitt Designed and successfully demonstrated in 1940 the rocket powered ME 163 interceptor at speeds in excess of 600 MPH a world record
Lockheed German inventor, designed and developed many of the German helicopters
Fokker Aircraft included the FW-190 a fighter and attack aircraft
Bensen In 1928 an aircraft of his design, the Bremen, completed the first nonstop East-West transatlantic flight
Douglas Designed the Piper J-3 Cub
Weick Brothers Albert and Arthur with Charles "Pappy" Yankey build a small single-seater
Heinemann Project Manager of Lockheed’s Advanced Development Projects Division
Caproni The father of the world famous Soviet ‘MIG’ series of combat aircraft
Piper Invented the Bell helicopter
Junkers Aerocar
Bleriot Scaled Composites
Beech American aircraft designer noted for his work on small amphibious aircraft
Mooney In 1916 he established an aircraft company called "Pacific Aero Products"
Mikoyan One of the Soviet Union’s foremost aircraft designers including the world’s first supersonic passenger plane
Wright He developed the world’s first true rocket plane and the first operational jet plane
Heinkel Co-founded aircraft company with his wife Olive Ann
Heintz He competed with the Wright Brothers to build the first manned airplane that could fly under its own power
Boeing He develops an exhaust gas-driven turbo-supercharger
Whittle His passion was to build a flying wing
McDonnell His company produced the world’s first operational jet fighter, sewing machines and motor scooters
Young Designed and developed the Spitfire
Hiller His first successful aircraft was the S-2
Breguet Ercoupe aircraft was designed by
Lippisch Created unusual homebuilt delta-wing aircraft in the 1960s
Flettner During World War II he was in charge of all aircraft production in Italy
Lilienthal Pioneered a state-of-the-art foam-and-fiberglass composite construction method in homebuilts.

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