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HH-60G Rescue Hoist

John Kimpan

Without using a T.O., complete the following crossword puzzle. Use the following abbreviations:Direct Current - DC;Alternating Current - AC;Number - NO;DO NOT SPELL OUT NUMBERS

LimitSwitches Breeze Eastern hoist is completely serviced when it is serviced to ____________ in the servicing port
2200 Wire damage resulting from a load being instantaneously applied to a slack cable, cable exhibits necking down
Shockload Location of four out of the five limit switches on the hoist
Electrical ValveControl Component that allows hydraulic fluid to flow through it, cooling it before it returns to the aircraft system
PriorityValve Source of electrical power when hoist is operated in normal power
Fan Controls for the pilot and copilot are located on the _________
Abrasion Wire damage resulting from hook not being seated properly
Kinking Component that allows the hoist drum to rotate or “slip” if hoist is overloaded
Brokenwires Control surface that gives the FE almost complete control over the hoist, allowing FE to control hoist speed, hoist lights and shear cable if necessary
Open Source of electrical power when hoist is operated in back-up mode
Birdcaging Valve that regulates the amount of hydraulic fluid traveling to the motor and which direction it flows
CCB Component that cools hydraulic fluid by drawing in ambient air and forcing it through the heat exchanger
TensionRoller Only limit switch located away from the others (not on a cam)
Overflow Pressure at which the priority valve opens ( or – 50)
FullIn Wire damage resulting from a too much weight being applied to the cable
DefectiveFitting A ________________ located on the hydraulic deck illuminates the hydraulic overheat light is hydraulic fluid overheats
Sightgauge Component that receives electrical inputs from aircraft, regulates them and sends outputs to hydraulic control assembly
Overload Control surface that is an extension of the CCB, allows for variable speed control, ICS communication and cargo hook release
TemperatureSwitch Wire damage resulting from scarring or scrubbing of wire outer strands resulting in flat or smooth spots on cable
Pendant Valve _________ pressure is the term used to describe the pressure at which the priority valve opens
CabinControlPanel Stops and decelerates the hoist cable at predetermined lengths
Cyclicgrips A type of kink that ends to close the lay of the cable
No1DCPrimary Lucas Western (Goodrich) is completely service when viewed as level on the ____________
Closed Weight limit of the hoist
Clutch Component that propels the cable out under no-load conditions
HydraulicBrake In regards to wire cable damage, you can have 3 of these in one foot or 12 of these in any length of cable
Heat exchanger A type of kink that tends to open the lay of the cable
No2DCPrimary Valve which prioritizes flow of hydraulic fluid during emergencies
600 Control surface used for switching between normal and back-up modes
Cracking Wire damage resulting in a small cocoon formed by cable outer strands, result of torsional imbalance (i.e. cable being worked through tight sheaves)
Servovalve Component that allows the hoist drum to rotate or “slip” if hoist is overloaded
CyclocentricCamAssembly Holds the hoist drum at various lengths when powers is not applied to hoist

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