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Aviation Terminology

Robert Morrison

Here is a crossword to help you become more familiar with common aviation terms.

Elevators The left side in relation to the forward (nose) of the aircraft.
Taxi Wind blowing against the forward motion of the aircraft and slowing its ground speed.
Tailwind An instrument in the flight deck used to measure altitude.
Aileron Washroom on the aircraft.
Aft The right side in relation to the forward (nose) of the aircraft.
Configuration A paved surface used by aircraft for the purpose of taking- off and landing.
Mayday Hydraulically-actuated plates which rise on the upper surface of the wing.
Outboard Toward the inside, nearest to the centre of the fuselage.
Deadhead The pattern of seats, cargo partitions and other items on a particular airplane or flight.
Inboard System for maintaining conditions of pressure within an airplane closer to sea level conditions than to the "thin" atmosphere outside while at a high altitude.
Flap In a position closer or closest to either of the wing tips of an airplane.
Lavatory That part of an airplane which extends out from the fuselage and which provides the "lift".
Bulkhead A hinged appendage located on the trailing edge of each wingtip which controls the rolling or banking movements of the aircraft.
Port Body of the airplane to which the wings and tail are attached.
Galley The height above the ground at which more than half the sky is covered by clouds, smoke or dust; distance from the ground to the lower base of the lowest cloud cover.
Starboard To operate an airplane under its own power, on land other than in actual takeoff and landing.
Pressurization A series of flights assigned to a Flight Attendant each month.
Runway Paved surface on the “airside” (restricted area) of the airport on which aircraft are parked.
Block International distress signal
Ceiling The rear of the aircraft
Drag An auxiliary airfoil hinged to the trailing edge of each wing. Its purpose is to increase lift at a slower airspeed and improve pilot to ground visibility on landing.
Spoilers The aircraft kitchen. The place where all supplies and equipment necessary for the in-flight service are located.
Rudder Control surfaces hinged on the trailing edge of the stabilizer (horizontal assembly of the tail section) which controls the pitch or the movement of the nose up or down.
Altimeter An internal dividing wall inside the aircraft cabin.
Fuselage Upright piece on tail which controls the yaw, or turning of the airplane from right to left.
Ramp Wind blowing from behind the aircraft and increasing its ground speed.
Wing A retarding force which is created by the total resistance of the air to the aircraft moving through it.
Headwind The positioning of a crew and at a non-base location for the performance of a flight.

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