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The Wright Stuff


No description

IFR Airspeed measurement
Knots Fuel mixture-pull
Flaps WWI Aviation Advocate Gen. William _________
Dive Left seat
GPS Stall Start pt
Lean Major Flight Princliple
Prop Auto Weather Service
root Push to Talk
CEZ Flaring Increase Angle of _______
Taxi part-time No Fly Zone
Roger Increases with thrust
AWOS Nav. tool
RTB Cortez Des.
Cowling Helps Pilot
PTT Top WWI Flying Ace (First Name)
Chocks "____ Prop!" - prior to start
Yolk 90 Deg to Runway
Rib Air rising and falling create wind _________
DRO Over Terrain
Stall Understood
Chord 1903
CarbHeat Shape supporter
KittyHawk Airfoil
Pitot Instrument Flying
Attack Must Crab
Affirmative CAP's plane
Yaw Increases Lift
Marshaller Ailerons control
Final Last Turn for landing
MTJ Pilot Control
Bernoullis Looses Lift
FMN Opposes Wieght
Zulu Vertical Axis
Eddie Covers Engine
Spin Melts Ice
Both Will do
Base Severe Slip
Trim Durango/LaPlata Des.
Roll Lift is down
Empennage Lost Comms
Mitchell Yes
Wilco Pitch Down
PIC ____-Static
VFR Montrose Regional Des.
CUB Four Corners Regional (Farmington)
Wing Go To
Shear Altitude Measurement
Splash Right/Left/________
Lift GMT
Crosswind Spins (abr)
Clear Eases controls
Feet Defines upper/lower camber
Drag Crash in Water
TFR Squaks 1200
CAPFlight won't roll

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