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Advance Biology

Ruth Eliel Y. Remorca

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Robert Brown Where the specimen can be viewed
Eyepiece Water-loving
Assimilation The movement of substances within the cell
Compound Microscope Liquid
Isotonic Solution Somatic cells
Glycoprotein Cannot enter
Simple Microscope The capacity to respond to stimuli
Rheo Discolor Free for all
Integral Protein Inside the cell
Plasmolysis Division of cytoplasm
Cell Membrane Holds the specimen in place
Nucleus Growth and preparation stages of the cell
Excretion Gametes
Regulation Bacteria in our intestines
Phase Contrast Identified shape
Phagocytosis Supports the upper part of the microscope
Impermeable Outer covering
Bylipid On top of bylipid
Hydrophobic Have 9 2 microtubular structure
Escherichiacoli Discovered the nucleus
Cellular Transport Two eyepiece
Plant Cell Little organs
Convex Conversion of non-living material into protoplasm
Facilitated Diffusion Holds the draw tube
Hypertonic Solution One eyepiece
Hypotonic Solution Passive transport of water molecule in a selectively permeable membrane
Haploid Breaking down of food into simpler forms through enzyme action
Robert Hooke Pass through freely through semi-permeable membrane
Mitosis Passway to exchange nutrients and other substance
Vacuoles Two-lens system
Desmosomes To have a cleare view
Transport Release of expulsion of superfluos or toxic substance
Interphase The ability to self-monitor cellular process
Draw Tube Solid
Flagella It allows light to pass through the specimen
Irritability Outside the cell
Permeable Stomata
Cytolysis Shrinking or shrivelling
Plasmodesmata Living specimen observation without stain
Meiosis Much bigger than vesicles
Hydrophilic It produces and synthesis of ribosomes
Stage Clips Exchange of materials
Body Tube Impermeable to ions and polar molecules
Concave Artificial light
Respiration Composed of water and organic compounds
Binocular The control center of the cell
Parfocal 23 Chromosomes
Diffusion Derived from cytoplasm
Osmosis Natural light
PInocytosis The release of energy from food molecules with or without oxygen
Organelles Holds the eyepiece
Monocular Consists of only one lens
Inclination Joint Connection between two cells
Aperture Tilts the microscope
Nucleolus Movement of molecules from an are of high concentration to low concentration
Arm Observed slice of cork from oak trees
Cytokinesis For cell's communication system
Cytoplasm Bringing the body in the state of balance
Digestion Water-fearing
Homeostasis State of balance

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