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Kelly Nottingham

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deposit reproductive organ of annelids
chetae class that leeches belong to
earthworms organ in earthworms used for grinding food
ventral number of hearts in an earthworm
spionida unjointed appendages
epitokes part of nervous system
crop class of annelids with numerous spines on parapodia
metameric formed by benthic polychaetes that swim to surface for reproduction
clitellum type of worms in oligocheata class
brain order of polychaetes that are homonomous, epifaunal hunters and infaunal burrowers
polychaeta order of polycheates not clonal and not connected; medusa worm due to elongated feeding tentacles
metamere specialzed head segment
parapodia type of reproduction in earthworms
terebellida segmentally arranged bristles from epidermis
setae movement of leeches
hermaphroditic structure used in excretion by annelids
pygidium tentacles have feathery appearance in this order of polycheates
hirudinea order of polychaetes that are sessile, tube dwelling; heternomous
prostomium ----worms in order phyllodocida
five most posterior segment
scale segment
phyllodocida regional specialization
undulation organ in earthworms used for food storage
sabellida type of feeding where organism passively grabs food nearby
metanephridia absent structure in leeches
gizzard serial repitition of body segments
tagmatization ----nerve cords

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