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Family names, common names of local arachnids.Clues can be found at this University of California, Irvine, web site: http://nathistoc.bio.uci.edu/spiders/index.htm

THERIDIIDAE October 24 to November 22? (Common)
SCORPION Watch out during full moon! (Family)
TICK Huge grumpy spiders? (Family)
SPARASSIDAE Speedy grumpy spiders? (Family)
THERAPHOSIDAE Grumpy spiders? (Family)
MIMETIDAE Tad's Abe? (Family)
HARVESTMAN This family isn't cat
ARANEIDAE Charlotte was one (Family)
LYCOSIDAE Perhaps found in the Whaley House? (Family)
THOMISIDAE Not a spider, agriculturally inclined? (Common)
PHOLCIDAE Love that outhouse! (Family)
OXYOPIDAE Half the sound of a clock (Common)
ANYPHAENIDAE Mrs. Pepsis' quest (Family)
PHILODROMIDAE Arrr, matey! Hand over yer booty! (Family)

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