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Bacteria Vocabulary

Mrs. Mohr

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photoautotroph two
chemoautotroph organisms that do not like oxygen
bacteria whipelike structure used for movement
locomotion an organism that must eat food for energy
chemoheterotroph bacteria that live in extreem environments
bacilli process of converting nitrogen (or another gas) into a form that plants can use
digestion a form of sexual reproduction where a tube forms between two bacteria cells
conjugation organisms that require oxygen
photoheterotroph single-celled organism that lacks a nucleus
endospore term often used to describe prokaryotes
Rhizobium "function" = do not care
cocci an organism that performs chemosynthesis for food
heterotroph when the bacteria form a thick cell wall around itself to "hybernate"
flagella an organism that performs photosynthesis, but must also eat
facultative the only type of bacteria that soybeans and other legumes host to help with nitrogen fixation
decomposers the organisms that break down substances in the environment
anaerobes an organism that eats chemicals for energy
Archaebacteria a human use of bacteria
autotroph movement
obligate an organism that can create its own food
prokaryote rod shape
fixation most common form of bacteria
Eubacteria spiral shape
bianary required
aerobes spherical shape
spirilla an organism that can perform photosynthesis for food

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