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Biology Chapter 1 crossword

Quintana Carter

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Reticulum _______ is the person who found out that all cells come from existing cells
Mitochondria Prokaryotic cells do not contain a ________
Unicellular ____ is the body's largest organ
Vesicles ___________ form the cell membrane
Ecosystem ________ use energy from sunlight to make food
Ribsomes Hooke did not think animals had cells because they don't have ______
Cell membrane Leeuwenhoek was the first person to see _________
Chloroplasts Bacteria are _______ organisms
cell walls Endoplasmic ________ are the membrane covered cell organelle that produce lipids
Golgi complex Lysosomes digest food particles, ____, cell parts and foreign invaders
Proteins Ribosome's are the parts of cells where _______ are made from amino acids
Phospholipids The digestive system has ______ different organs
Cytoplasm In plant cell the cell wall is made of ________ fibers
Bacteria Bean shaped _______ are called mitochondria
Trillion All eukaryotic cells have a compartment that are covered by membrane these compartments are called _______
Cellulose The ____________ processes packages and transports materials sent to it from the endoplasmic reticulum
Wastes ________ is the fluid in a cell that surrounds the cells organelles
Water Cell means _______ in Latin
Eleven You are made up of about one ______ cells
Nucleus _________ all living things and nonliving things
Terrestrial Vacuoles store ______ and other liquids
Organelles _______ are the smallest but most abundant organelles
Virchow A ________ holds the contents of a cell together
Skin ________ ecosystems are found on land
Tiny rooms ________ have two membranes and the inner one has many folds in it

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