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Jennifer Hubert

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theory the dependent variable in the seed lab was the ______ growth.
dependent maximum magnification our microscopes can provide
forty when making a wet mount slide, put the coverslip at an ________.
two the ability of a microscope to increase the size of an object
course to combine DNA and produce a new offspring
magnification characteristic of living things
observation the control in the seed lab
virus a stable internal environment inside a living thing
temperature theme in biology, means a species changes over generations
inheritance tube to look through when using a microscope
function an educated guess as to the outcome of an experiment, written as "If"... "then"
homeostasis the small knob on a microscope is called the ____ adjustment
Ziare highest power objective on a microscope
angle theme in biology, when organisms rely on each other
growth group in an experiment that receives the independent variable
scanning science of living things
distilledwater firstknob to use when using a microscope
reproduction power of the eyepiece on a microscope
hypothesis smallest unit of life
evolution to determine the total mag. on a microscope, _____ the eyepiece and the nosepiece objective
stage organism which caused the Ebola outbreak
multiply variable in an experiment that the scientist "measures"
biology adjusts the light on a microscope
control all living things need this to survive
sprout the beginning of any scientific injury
interdependence explanation supported by data
cells location of ebola outbreak
eyepiece number of lens in a light miscorscope
ten group in an experiment that does NOT receive the independent variable
fourhundred theme in biology, means to aquire traits from two parents
independent example in our body showing the theme of stability and homeostasis
fine the variable in an experiement that the scientist "changes"
experimental a _______ electron microscope can be used to see 3D , but not living things
condensor where a slide is place on a microscope
energy example of a theme where they are different types of cells in our body that each have a different __________.

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