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Controlling Blood Sugar level


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alpha blood sugar ........... after a meal
rises high glocose levels in the blood
glycogenesis process by which glucose enters cells
insulinglucagon insulin is secreted by ......... cells
hypoglycemia an insoluble storage carbohydrate
negativefeedback a control mechanism where movement away from the normal value of something produces a response that returns it to its normal value
hyperglycemia a change in the environment, involving energy
pancreas glucagon is released by ............ cells
beta two hormones that control blood sugar concentrations
facilitateddiffusion a reflex is an ............................. response
glycogen breakdow of glycogen to glucose
glycogenolysis where are the hormones released from
Homeostasis low glucose levels in the blood
stimulus maintaining a stable environment inside to achieve an optimum metabollic rate
automatic glucose to glycogen

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