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Robert Howie

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Plasma Carrys blood away from the heart.
White blood cells Includes the heart, blood, and blood vessels.
Digestive System The liquid part of the blood (mostely water.)
Bacteria The system that includes the lungs.
Vein Carrys blood to the heart.
Circulatory System The system that includes certain glands.
Red Blood Cells The system that alerts the body of certain changes.
Aveoli A part of the body that carrys out a certian function.
Platelits The system that removes wastes from the body.
Digestion The lower chambers of the heart.
Atrium Cells that fight disease.
Excretory System The upper chambers of the heart.
Nervous System The system that breaks down food.
Organ Helps clott blood.
Endocrine System Cells that carry oxygen.
Respiratory System A cell with a potentally harmful virus.
Atery 1% of the blood is this.
wastes Where gas exchange occurs in the body.
Ventricle The breaking down of food in the body.

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