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Bugs Galore

Before we have outdoor fun on our bug hunt, let's learn some of their names!

Ladybug Beware of me! If I bite you, you'll have quite an itch!
Spider I am a tiny black insect that lives in a hill of sand!
Caterpillar I have eight legs and spin my own webs!
Ant My wings are pretty colours and I flutter around on summer days!
Mosquito I light up when it is dark outside!
Bee I have lots of little legs and turn into a beautiful butterfly!
Firefly I have no legs and I'm wiggly...I live in the dirt!
Butterfly My wings are clear and flutter quickly...I am a _________!
Worm I am red and have tiny black dots...I can fly, too!
Dragonfly I make honey and am black and yellow!

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