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Cell Parts and Cell Transport

M. Pasquale

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permeable use of energy to move molecules from low to high concentrations
nucleolus the control center of the cell, contains DNA
cell wall storage for waste products
vacuoles controls what enters and leaves the nucleus
endoplasmic reticulum the powerhouse of the cell
centriole found only in plant cells for photosythesis
mitochondria material between the nucleus and cell membrane
passive transport parts needed by the cell to function
osmosis allows materials to flow through
nucleus used to package chemicals
nuclear membrane used to break down large particles for the animal cell
cytoplasm synthesis of proteins
organelle requires no energy to move molecules across a membrane
chloroplast found only in plants for structure and protection
lysosome used to transport proteins
Active transport dark matter of the nucleus that makes ribosomes
cell membrane controls what enters and leaves the cell
golgi complex organelle to organise the cell for reproduction
diffusion type of diffusion that uses water
ribosomes from a high concentration to a low concentration

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