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FLAGELLA small ring of DNA found in a bacterial cell that is used as a biological vecter.
CYTOPLASM uncellular organisms such as bacteria.
ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM a clear fluid in cells that is the site of many chemical reactions.
EUKARYOTE the basic unit of all organisms.
CILIA proteins that make that plasma membrane.
CHLOROPLAST membrane structure functions with eukaryotic cells.
ELECTRON MICROSCOPE chlorophyll cotaining organelles found in the cell or green plants.
MICROTUBULE membeane bound space in the cytoplasm.
TRANSPORT PROTEIN organelle in eukaryotic cells with a series of highly folded membrane.
CELL THEORY a wall outside the plasma membrane of plants.
NUCLEUS short , numerous, hair like follicles.
GOLGI APPARATUS organelle in eukaryotic cells with a system of flattened.
CYTOSKELETON thin, solid protein fibers.
NUCLEOLUS positive charge, center of atom.
CHLOROPHYLL thin, hollow cylinders made of protein that provides structure to a cell.
PLASTID long strands of DNA found in the nucleus.
RIBOSOMES found with in cytoplasm
COMPUND LIGHT MICROSCOPE organelles that comtain digestive enzymes.
CELL WALL instrument that uses a beam of electrons to magnify up to 500,000x.
PLASMA MEMBRANE light absorbing pigment plants.
SELECTIVE PERMEABILITY flexible boundary between the cell and its invicement
CHROMATIN organelle in eukaryotic cell nucleus that produces ribosomes.
FLUID MOSAIC MODEL can magnify an object up to 500x it's original size.
CELL lipids with an attached phosphate group.
VACUOLE malti cellular organisms such as yeast,plants,animals composed of eukaryotic cells
MICROFILAMENT eukaryotic membrane bound organelles that transform cellular from work.
MITOCHONDRIA made up of three mini deffintions.
PHOSPHOLIPID long projections composed of micrtubules.
ORGANELLE plasmic membrane that maintains homostasis with in a cell.
LYSOSOMES structural model of the plasma membrane.
PROKARYOTE nonmembrane bound organelles in the nucleus where proteins are assembled.

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