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Inez Ortiz

Cell Metabolism Terms

carbohydrates breaks down larger, more complex substances into simpler substances
glycolysis fats; such as meats, egg yolk, dairy products,
lipids the most important monosaccharide; it is used by the cell as an immediate source of fuel
glycogen single sugar compounds; such as glucose, fructose
monosaccharides builds large, more complex substances from simpler substances
glucose made by the body; does not need to be in the diet.
amino acids must be obtained from dietary sources.
cholestrol most important steriod in the body; needed for synthesis of Vitamin D.
non essential amino acids the form in which humans store glucose
catabolism organic compounds made of carbon, hydrogen,
cellulose break down of glucose through a series of chemical reactions
disaccharides provides fiber in our diet
polysaccharides many glucose molecules linked together; such as plant, animal starch
essential amino acids very large polypeptides;made of amino acids
anabolism two monosaccharides linked together; such as sucrose, maltose,
proteins are the building blocks of protein.

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