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Chapter 1 - What are cells, and what do they do?


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Membrane In order for a plant or animal to grow, the number of cells have to ___?
Mitochondria Controls the cell's activities.
Passive Transport The cell ___ holds the parts of the cell together and seperates it from its surroundings.
Bones Cells must work ____ to perform basic life processes to keep organisms alive.
Spinal Cord This is a type of tissue that included the body covering of an animal.
Diffusion All of the activities of a cell require this.
Reproduction This is a type of nervous tissue.
Cell This is a type of connective tissue.
Together Tissues that work together for these
Tissue Cells that work together to perform a specific function form a ___.
Increase Thread like structure that contains data about the organism.
Chromosomes Requires energy to move into cells.
Nucleus Found in a plant cell and not in an animal cell. (green)
Chloroplast Particles move from one area where there are lot of particles, to an area where there are fewer of its own kind.
Energy Organs that work together to perform a function form a ___.
Epithelial Energy-free movement in cells.
Osmosis Basic unit of structure of all living things.
System The __ supplies the energy to the cell.
Active Transport Cells get most of their water by this special process.
Organelles This is one of the functions of the nucleus.
Organs Tiny structures inside of a cell. (All cells have these except bacteria.)

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