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Cell Reproduction


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spindle continuous sequence of growth and division of a cell, which is controlled by key enzymes
centriole thin fiber structure that forms between the two poles or centrioles during prophase and shortens during anaphase pulling the sister chromatids apart
interphase uncontrolled cell division and death cuased by the interaction between environmental factors and changes in the production of enzymes involved in the cell cycle
metaphase stage of mitosis during which the centromeres split and sister chromatids are pulled apart to opposite poles of the cell
anaphase cell structure that joins two sister chromatids of a chromosome
centromere final stage of mitosis during which the two daughter cells become separated
prophase pair of cylindrical structures composed of microtubules that duplicate during interjphase and move to opposite ends of the cell during prophase
sister chromatid cell structure that carries the genetic material
telophase identical halves of the duplicated parent chromosome formed before the onset of cell division; these exact copies are joined at a centromere
cell cycle second stage of mitosis in which chromosomes move to the equator of the spindle and chromatids are each attached by centromeres to a separate spindle fiber
gene segment of DNA located on the chromosome; directs protein production that controls the cell cycle
mitosis growth period of a cell during which chromosomes are duplicated
chromosome cell division during which chromosomes are equally distributed to the two identical daughter cells that are formed
cancer first phase of mitosis during which chromatin coils to form visible chromosomes

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