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Kelly Nottingham

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pennatulacea interaction of 2 organisms; continuum
cnidae cnidarians have a mutualistic relationship with
manubrium synapomorphy that first shows up in this phylum
spirocysts have high energy cost in light of reproduction
colloblasts analogous to cnidae, ctenophores have them
dactylozooids how polyps produce medusae
anthozoa class containing true jellyfish
polyp type of digestive system
mesoglea only stage of an anthozoa
operculum divide GVC and provide surface area for digestion
zooxanthellae order of sea pansies/pens
scleractinia order of cnidarians not colonial in class hexacorallia
scyphozoa class containing sea anemones and soft corals
GVC unique stinging/adhesion structures
gorgonacea type of reproduction in anthopleura
gastrozooids a colony within a colony
cormidium order of stony corals
actinlaria how polyps in colonies are connected
strobilation upon stimulation this causes the operculum to be thrown open
GVC used for feeding in hydrozoa
pharynx order of soft corals in class that has 8 tentacles
incomplete defense and prey capture in hydrozoa
muscles where mouth of jellyfish is found
velum runs from mouth to GVC
mesenteries functions in excretion, digestion, hydrostat, fluid transport
radial sticky, threadlike used for feeding
eggs true jellyfish do not have, the rim around bell base
fission middle layer derived from ectoderm
symbiosis type of exoskeleton of many scleractinia
cnidocil type of symmetry
calcareous a hinged lid covering capsule in hydrozoa and scyphozoa

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