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Coral Reef Dangers

Desiree and Kaitlyn

To test your knowledge about the environmental issues of coral reefs, which we have just presented.

Boating One whose occupation is to catch images of the reef.
Photographers Chemicals used to enhance growth.
Tourists The natural process of breaking off sediment.
Fishing A strip or ridge of rocks, sand, or coral that rises to or near the surface of a body of water.
Pollution Location of Great Barrier Reef
Bleaching The act, occupation, or sport of catching fish.
Fertilizers An item that reminds one of a place or event.
Nets Hazordous waste released by shipping accidents.
Coral Activity on the water
Sediment A traveller visiting the coral reefs
Reef Device used for fishing.
Snorkeling Explosives used for fishing.
Climate Chemicals that harm the water environment.
Toxins The meteorological conditions, including temperature, precipitation, and wind, that characteristically prevail in a particular region.
Dynamites Causing an undesirable state of the environment.
Freshwater Main component in the reef
Souvenirs Skin divers using a snorkel.
Scubadiving Pieces of debris eroded by the water.
Australia Deep sea salvage.
Sewage To remove the color from, as by means of chemical agents or sunlight.
Erosion _________ runoffs that cause sediment in the reefs.
Oilspills Excretions through the pipe system.

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