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"The Cost of Success" Puzzle

Virginia Baysden

Based on "The Cost of Success" chapter from ONE WITH NINEVEH by Paul Ehrlich and Anne Ehrlich.

natural pollinators Myers suggested species in such areas could be preserved by protection.
reaction These are necessary for fruits and vegetables.
the capacity of the Earth In the U.S. DDT affected wildlife and _____.
undesireable predator This has a correlation to human health.
extinction Climate is _________.
carcinogenic This human activity has the greatest environmental impact.
hot spots Of greatest concern is the accelerating loss of this.
global warming Global warming has this.
natural ecosystems This damages sensitve aquatic and forest ecosystems.
interconnected These extreme events are popping up all over.
crops Author responsible for public taking notice of environmental problems.
managing the planet This has affected animals that adapt to changing climates.
diversity As society increases mobility, so do these.
humanity Man who dominates the natural world has customarily overused this.
ozone layer Global warming can elevate the threat of this.
threshold Depletion of this permits more ultra-violet radiation to reach us.
habitat Problems connected to the scale of human population may include these factors.
leadership Human mobility is speedy therefore the spread of these is swift.
life For every action this occurs.
nonlinear This focused on slowing species extinciton when process was known to be global.
concern This by man can be learned from ecological footprint analysis.
garbage dump We can not escape responsibility for this.
additional diseases Protection of species and need for this arose.
agriculture This adversely affects the world's environment.
very long lag time Many problems develop with a very long lag time before consequences _______.
Rachel Carson No place is untouched by this.
pathogenic organisms In high doses PCBs are toxic and _____.
biodiversity This from the United states is important.
toxins With the loss of biodiversity, this is at risk.
mini ice age Transplants into new ecosystems become a pest or this.
climate changes This is the dominant ecological force and the foremost evolutionary force.
viruses Plants, animals, and microorganisms are the most irreplaceable form of this.
overshooting This of Earth's are taken for granted.
environmental All of us pay this for the alteration of natural resources.
natural capital These are integral to our life-support system and co-evolve with us.
pollution Climate is __________.
air pollution Consumption of this may result in madness, loss of bodily functions and horrific deaths.
organisms This is the reflection of solar radiation.
human activity Food production and human health my be adversely affected if this is in the air or water.
Albedo Reduce the number eating and hunger is reduced is considred playing this.
acid rain These need replenishment of soils and nutrients.
birds More and more these are traceable to human action.
social costs The primary cause of increasing gas emission is the burning of this.
weather The more inense the agriculture, the least area is available for this.
time Ecosystems play a role which is essential for this.
mercury The problem of scale is ever-present in these matters.
natural resources Things change with this.
human population One can lead to another.
globally Not always can one emulation be applied to this extent.
the Malthus card These are incurred by society as a result of an activity or manufacturing.
materialize Younger Dryas is the name for this.
important Continued huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere is using the atmosphere as this.
fossil fuels The Ehrlichs see hunger and population as interconnected.

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