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Ms. Tamborski

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Purines The name for the shape and structure of DNA.
Avery Experimented with bacterial DNA and discovered the process of transformation.
Pyrimidines Euakryotic chromosomes contain both DNA and protein, tightly packed together to form a substance called________.
Griffith Adenine and Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine are these.
Bacteriophages Thymine and Cytosine are found in this group.
Chromatin A virus that infects and kills bacteria.
DoubleHelix Disvovered that DNA is the nucleic acid that stores and transmits the genetic information of an organism to the next.
Nucleotides Chromatins consist of DNA that is tightly coiled around these proteins.
Basepairs DNA is made up of units called____________.
Nucleotides Adenine and Guanine are found in this group.
Histones Sugar, Phosphate and a base create this.

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