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Phylums Echinodermata, Chaetognatha, Hemichordata, Chordata,

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buccalpodia first larval stage that follows fertilization in Holothuroidea
auricullarian dirverticulum from gut at the base of the proboscis in Hemichordata
ossicles arms of Crinoidea that trap food in ciliated ambilucral grooves that lead to the mouth
comatulid process of expelling out all guts and internal organ as a stress response but is later regenerated in Holothuroidea
bipemaria outer layer of Sea Squirts used for protection
BursalSacs allows for movement near peristomal membrance in Echinoidea
bivium fluid filled canals that serves as tendon in the Echinoderms and it derived from the hydrocoel, used for locomotion and feeding
madroporite stalked larval stage that settles to substrate and follows the vitellaria stage in Crinoidea
evisceration non-feeding planktonic larval stage that follows fertilization in Crinoidea
tunicin second larval stage that follows auricullarin in Holothuroidea
stomatocord the three rows of tube feet that face the substrate in Holothuroidea
endostyle larval stage that follows zygote in Echinoderms
pentaculla planktonic larval stage following bipemaria in Asteroidea
pedicellariae located in the ring canal, this aids in the regulation of pressure in the water vascular system
watervascularsystem 10 sacs, 2 at the end of each arm that acts as the respiratory system in Brittle Stars
ophioplueteus located on oral surface, this is where water enters into the water vascular system
polianVessicles calcerous plates lined with tubules and spines
trivium cells within the hemosystem that contains vanadium that assists in the production of tunicin
cuvierientubules larval stage that follows fertilization in Echinoidea
periproct found at the base of the spines, these tubes aid in gas exchange and excretions
Vanadocytes help keeps body free of settling planktonic larva and sometime aids in feeding, located on ossicles
brachiolaria planktonic larval stage that follows zygote in Brittle Stars
vitellaria third larval stage in Holothuroidea, follows diolarin and last stage before adult
echinopluteus tadpole larval stage that follows fertilization in Ascidiacea, possesses all characteristics of Chordata
papulae expelled in responsed to a predatos that contains a poison called holothurin, very sticky and can immobilize
pentacrinoid the two rows of tube feet that face upwards in Holothuroidea
appendicularian the mobile adult version of the Class Crinoidea
pimules bilateral planktonic larval stage that follows zygote in Asteroidea
diolarin plates that surround the anus Echinoidea
actinotrocha produces mucus that moves across the gills basket for food in Ascidiacea

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