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Introduction to Ecology

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community a type of symbiotic relationship- where one species eats its host
foodweb a large group of similar ecosystems such as desert or chaparral or grassland
autotroph each step in the transfer of energy and matter in an ecological community
mutualism the number of individuals in a population that an environment can support
foodchain process where one species feeds on another species
biome obtains energy and nutrients by consuming other organisms; consumers
succession a collection of populations that interact with each other in a given area
parasitism a type of symbiotic relationship between two species where they both benefit each other
heterotroph foodchains combine to form a ...
herbivore shows the energy flow through organisms in a community; ex: sunlight-plant-caterpillar-bird-fox
commensalism producer; a plant or other organism that convert's the sun's energy or inorganic substances into energy rich compounds such as glucose
trophiclevel a group of organisms of the same species that live in a particular area
predation a primary consumer that only eats plants
carryingcapacity one species benefits; the other neither is hurt nor benefits
population over time, new communities may gradually replace existing ones

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