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Energy Unit Review

Ms. Jennifer Boyd

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Glycolysis Water molecules are tightly packed together
Benedicts Organelle responsible for cellular respiration
Lipids Water molecule are able to
Solid Second step of cellular respiration (hint: starts with an acid)
Adhesion Speed up reactions
SudanIII Known as the
Anaerobic Sunflower>Mouse>Snake>Hawk
Polysaccharide Does not depend on sunlight
Nucleic Acids Formed from Amino Acids
CitricAcidCycle Consumers that eat Autotrophs
HeatCapacity Process that can produce an alcohol
Enzymes Type of bond used by Amino Acids
Hydrolysis Reagent that turns starch black
ATP These eat the Primary Consumers
FoodWeb Result of condensation
Glucose ______ _______ refers to the ability to change temperature
Liquid Start of cellular respiration, splits glucose into 2 molecules
ETC This reagent turns orange-red in the presence of glucose
Aerobic Water molecules are able to
Mitochondria Fermentation that causes muscle soreness and stiffness
Buiret Oxygen and Hydrogen form this type of molecule
Producers Recycled electrons reattach here
Cohesion Starches, Cellulose
Gas Simple sugar (hint: monosaccharide)
Photosynthesis Universal solvent
Polypeptide Autotrophs
Water Water is a reactant
Respiration Needs oxygen
Primary Triglycerides, oils, waxes
Fermentation Reagent used for lipids
Secondary Multiple food chains that interconnect
LacticAcid Adenosine Triphosphate
Iodine DNA and RNA
Foodchain Starches
Consumers Heterotrophs
Proteins Does not need oxygen
DehydrationSynthesis Vapor
Polar Water is a product
Decomposers Reagent used for testing proteins
Carbohydrates Dependent of sunlight

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