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Energy of the Body - The Respiratory System

Life Science

Name _____________________________ Date __________ Score _______ Quiz 26A

stomach the muscle responsible for inhaling
digestive a thick substance that coats much of the opens into the esophagus and "windpipe"
sugar glucose What system provide the new materials needed for matabolism?
Metabolism bands of tissue that vibrate to produce sound
inhale The waste product of aerobic cellular respiration is
collapses Oxygen enters your blood and carbon dioxide leaves by the process of
diffusion the total of all the body's process
Ninety When your diaphragm contracts, you
glottis __ is the body's most common source of energy.
diaphragm one of the many tiny divisions of the bronchi
bronchi the microscopic sacs in which the exchange of gases takes place in the lungs
larynx the chest cavity
bronchiole Trachea is to air as esophagus is to
carbon dioxide A lung ____ when the alveoli lose most of their air.
alveoli the opening between the vocal folds
vocal folds "voice box"
epiglottis carries food to the stomach
esophagus the organ of the respiratory system responsible for the exchanges of gases
lung Trachea is to lungs as esophagus is to
trachea "windpipe"
food ___ percent of the people who die of lung cancer are smokers.
thorax the two branches of the trachea
mucus the thin, flexible flap that covers the larynx when swallowing

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