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Energy in a Cell


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calvin cycle anaerobic process in which ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide are produced
light reactions simple biological processes that do not require oxygen
glycolysis splitting of water molecules during photosynthesis
respiration anaerobic process in which lactic acid is produced
adenosine triphosphate cyclic series of chemical reactions that take place during aerobic respiration; produces ATP and releases electrons
anaerobic processes highly complex reactions by which light energy is converted to chemical energy during photosynthesis; results in the splittin gof water and release of oxygen
adenosine diphosphate set of reactions in photosynthesis in which simple sugars are formed from carbon dioxide using ATP and hydrogen from the light reactions
photolysis oxygen-requiring biological processes
lactic acid fermentation anaerobic process that splits glucose
alcoholic fermentation molecule that results from breaking off the third phosphate group of ATP
citric acid cycle process to obtain energy and produce food from inorganic compounds rather than from sunlight
photosynthesis energy-storing molecule that serves as the cell's "energy currency"
electron transport chain series of molecules along which electrons are transferred; as the electrons travel they release energy
chemosynthesis process in which cells break down molecules of food to release energy
aerobic processes process by which autotrophs produce simple sugars from water and carbon dioxide using energy absorbed from sunlight by chlorophyll

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