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Enzymes and Biomolecules


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Hydrolysis This forms the basis of cell membranes
Catalyst an enzyme is a.....
specific this fits into the active site but doesn't get broken down
Complex Proteins can be globular or .....
Fatty Acids when the products are inhibitors
Fibrous a theory on the active site
Competetive inhibitors Glucose Molecules in Cellulose
Glycosidic Splitting with water
Denatures Bonds between glucose molecules
Peptide Enzyme-Substrate.....
Activation Missing phrase2 - 14
Beta Where substrate is broken down
Hydrogen Bonds found in secondary structure of a protein
Phospholipid Bilayer there are two models of enzyme action the induced fit and the ......model
Induced Fit NH2 group in amino acids
Glycogen Enzmes are these.
Globular Reaction where polymers are made.
Lock and Key COOH Group in amino acids
Helix Missing phrase2 - 7
Carboxyl a glyceride contains Glycerol and.....
Active site If an enzyme is over heated or gets in a substance with the wrong pH it.....
Condensation enzymes are reaction...
Complementary bond between amino acids
Amino Energy required for reaction to take place
Proteins enzymes are.....proteins
End product inhibition the shape of th active site and the substrate are.....

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