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Victoria R. Weber

Figure out the enzyme-related words from the given definitions. Good luck!

Active Site A molecule that binds to an enzyme at the
Catalyst A digestive enzyme in stomach
Cofactor A molecule that is made up of amino acids
Allosteric Inhibitor The interaction of the subunits of an enzyme that causes
Cooperativity A non-protein addition, derived from either a mineral or
Trypsin A receptor site on an enzyme that is separate from the
Amino Acids A substance that speeds up the rate at which chemical
pH Another theory that describes the mechanism by which
Noncompetitive Inhibitor A pocket-like structure on the surface of an enzyme where
Allosteric Activator The process by which molecules react with one another
Enzyme-Catalyzed Reaction The structure formed when an enzyme and
Allosteric Site The structural molecules that make up proteins. These have
Protein The compound or pair of reacting compounds on which a given
Allosteric Enzyme An organic molecule that functions as a cofactor
Enzyme-Substrate Complex A reaction that has been sped up by an enzyme
Protease A series of reactions that enables certain compounds
Denaturation An enzyme that is involved in the breakdown of proteins
Substrate The process in which the end-product of a metabolic
Pepsin A molecule that binds at the allosteric site and
Coenzyme A digestive enzyme in the intestine
Competitive Inhibitor A change in the shape of a molecule due to physical
Feedback Inhibition A substance that blocks enzyme activity by
Induced Fit Model A large protein molecule that allows chemical reactions to occur
Metabolic Pathway A substance that blocks enzyme activity by
Lock And Key Model A measure of how basic or acidic a solution is on a scale of 1 to 14
Chemical Reaction A theory that describes the mechanism by which the
Enzyme An enzyme that can be regulated by the attachment of

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