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Etymology Lesson XVIII

D. Garner

No description

integer 10 years
quarantine 40 day isolation
numberless to make whole
central having 6 angles
concentric arranged in 5's
integrate to form with angles
mil to count
mile a 6 pointed star
dicker 6 musical performers
decade belonging to the whole
octave 5,280 ft, 1000 paces of a Roman soldier
sextet given rate based on 100
decathlon .001 of an inch, for wire and plastic
septuple corner-like
decimal having a common center
enumerate after the 9th hour
afternoon illiterate with numbers
angular 4 times a year
hexagram main
percent 1/4th of an area
octogenerian 7 times
quarterly a musical scale of 8 tones
innumerate 100 years
sexangular (hexangular) going to the 10th place
centennial 10 athletic events
integral to argue, to exchange 10 animal hides
angulate person in his/her eighties
quadrant a 9 sided figure
nonagon whole number
quinary countless

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