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caleb greene

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directionalselection a physical barrier that divides a population and may eventually keep them from breeding
antimicrobialresistance scientist who made false theories that traits were acquired over time
commonancestry the increase of an extreme form of a trait when it makes the organism more fit
divergentevolution a common ancestor among many different species
naturalselection Evidence that supports the theory of evolution over millions of years
foundereffect reduced diversity in a population
variation a structure that was once used for something that may indicate a common ancestor
bottleneck a similar structure inherited from a common ancestor
sympatricspeciation the elimination of extremes when they lead to less fitness
analogousstructure co-writer with Charles Darwin of the book "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection"
disruptiveselection populations produce more offspring than can survive
stabilizingselection differences in a population
mimicry the explanation of abrupt changes in a species
lamark breeding members of a species for specific traits
evolution the theory that evolution proceeds in small steps
convergentevolution the elimination of average traits and the expression of both forms of extreme traits
coevolution newly formed traits that can not be traced to a common ancestor
artificialselection the killing off of the majority of a pathogen leaving only immune pathogens making it more harmful as a whole
ancestraltrait one species evolving into many in response to many new habitats
fossilevidence a trait that can be traced to a common ancestor
camouflage a part of a population is separated from the rest sometimes making uncommon traits more common
sexualselection a species evolves into a new species while the ancestor is still present
fitness a scientist that made many theories that are still believed to be true
overproduction a similar structure not inherited from a common ancestor and derived independently from each other
gradualism a traits contribution to the following generation often measured in amount of offspring produced
vestigialstructure The change of a species as a whole to adjust to its environment
homologousstructure traits are passed on according to its contribution to the species survival
biogeography two species evolving together in response to the other that may result in mutualism or parasitic dependency
punctuatedequilibrium the change in sexual ratio due to competition and necessity
darwin adaptations to a species that allow it to blend into its environment
allopatricspeciation the study of the distribution of species
derivedtrait unrelated species living in different habitats that evolve into similarly
alfredwallace one species evolves to resemble another

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