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Excretory System

Nikole B., Jackie N., and Megan S.

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control Sphincter muscles are a ringlike muscles used to ____ the flow of urine from the urinary bladder.
urine Hair-like fibers
ureters The second type of sphincter muscle (outside of you)
urinary system Liver filters harmful substance such as ______
Nephritis Waste is then filtered out through ____.
waste materials Nephrosis and Nephritis affects the ____
excretory system The first type of a sphincter muscle (inside of you)
skin Sweating is also known as _____
process of perspiration This system contains lungs, kidneys, ureters, a bladder, a liver, intestines, sphincter muscles, skin, and sweat glands
epithelial Excrete carbon dioxide through inhaling and exhaling.
liver _____ collects urine from your kidneys and stores it until it is full enough to empty through the urethra
movement Urethra is a tube that _____ the bladder to the outside.
pelvis Your bladder is in the _____
reoxygenates Ureters' primary function is the ______ of urine into the urinary bladder
lungs Lungs _____ the blood.
urethra ______ enables us to sweat
urine A major function of the excretory system is to regulate the amount of ions and ____ in the body
external The main task of the system is excretion which involves finding ______ and removing produced by the body.
water Excretory System is also known as the ____
bladder Diseass of the excretory system are kidney stones, Nephritis, Urinary Tract Infections, and _____
interior Liver's excretory system is the production of urea, which is the main substance in _____
sperm Function is to excrete urine in both males and females
kidneys Organ that filters the blood and remove toxins and wastes, that are then it is re-absorbed.
alcohol Tube leading from the kidney to the urinary bladder
liver In a male, the urethra helps pass the _____ to the female's body
sweat glands The lungs are made of _____ and muscle tissue.
connects You have ____ kidneys
villi Gets rid of excess salts, oils and water through the process of perspiration.
glomeruli The blood from the villi is connected into the portal vein which breaks into a capilarry bed in the _____
two largest glandular organ of the body.

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