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Final Exam Review

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annelids case seed
allele ray-finned fish with symmetrical tail
heredity arachnid without fangs
dicot carries water in plants
wings darkening of a population due to pollution
ossicle virus that infects bacteria
mite naked seed
adenine father of genetics
microevolution thought giraffes got long necks by stretching them
ventral set of alleles expressed at the same time
shark are carnivorous and have 5 part radial symmetry
xylem first animals with image forming eyes
recessive the physical appearance of an organism
exoskeleton trait expressed in the F1 generation
mendel bony fish
monotreme a zone of actively dividing cells
dominant small changes in a species
spicules the type of alleles you have
hersheyandchase unzips your genes!
starfish in class Chondrichthyes
transcription having one dominant and one recessive allele
trilobites disease where blood does not clot quickly
diploid mammals taking over the land would be an example
dorsal type of bases that C and T are
genotype silica needles that are in some poriferans
virulent the best subject ever!! :-)
griffith a platypus is this
teleost venomous, with 30 legs
angiosperm "gives live birth"
flatworms has paralell veins on their leaves
meristem enzyme used in DNA replication
translation echinoderm bones
lamarck arthropods shed this
industrialmelanism specialized stinging cells on cnidarians
viviparous one of each type of chromosome
nematocycts skin breathing
osteichthyes matches with T
cutaneousrespiration transmission of traits to their offspring
pyrimidene toward the spine
avery belly side
centipede trait not shown in the F1 generation
darwin phylum Platyhelminthes
porifera largest group of organisms in the world
gymnosperm each of your somatic cells is this
hemophilia insects are the only arthropods with these
phloem used a DNA destroying enzyme to show transformation
monocot thought to give rise to arthropods
homozygous worked with S. pneumoniae
insects two of the same allele
codon flower parts in 4 or 5
DNApolymerase studied finches
haploid making mRNA
biology one copy of a gene
heterozygous rigid tube that carries nutrients in plants
helicase the phylum that Spongebob is a part
codominance 3 nucleotide sequence
bacteriophage proved DNA was genetic material
macroevolution able to cause disease
phenotype process of making a protein from mRNA
translocation moving of sugars through the phloem

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