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20 Word Vocab on Genetics

Ilse Novela


mutation Any change of or random error in a DNA sequence
meiosis In plants, the loss of water through leaf stomata by evaporation.
messenger RNA The name of the molecule that contains a genetic code
chromosome RNA that transports information from DNA in the nucleus to the cell's cytoplasm
homozygous Male and female cells; sperm and eggs.
genetics Process is the cell nucleus where enzymes make an RNA copy of a DNA strand
dominant When there are two different alleles for a trait.
haploid When there are two identical alleles for a trait
allele Alternative form of a gene for each variation of a trait of an organism.
recessive Cell with one of each kind of chromosomes; is said to contain a haploid or n, number of chromosomes.
translation Combination of genes in an organism
DNA Type of cell division where one body cell produces four gametes, each containing half the number of chromosomes as a parent's body cell.
genotype Outward appearance of an organism, regardless of it's genes
diploid Branch of biology that studies heredity.
double helix Cell with two of each kind of chromosomes; is said to contain a diploid,or 2n, number of chromosomes
gametes Trait of an organism that can be masked by the dominant form of a trait.
heterozygous Shape of a DNA molecule formed when two twisted DNA strands are coiled into a springlike structure and held together by hydrogen bonds between the base.
phenotype Observed trait of an organism that masks the recessive form of a trait.
transcription Period of nuclear cell division in wich two daughter cells are formed, each containing a complete set of chromosomes.
mitosis Formed from DNA , contains many genes.

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