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Insects and Bugs

Adventure Club

A puzzle all about insect just to gross you out!!!

Fly It's bigger than a bee but looks the same.
Flea Insect that is mostly found in Dogs or Cats.
Cricket Attracted to your porch lights.
Ant An insect with colorful wings.
Ladybug They are black and yellow and they sting.
Moth They eat wood and they can weaken your house.
Butterfly Makes its home in the cracks of a sidewalk.
Mosquito It bites and makes you itch.
Yellow Jacket This insect makes music.
Termite Likes to eat from your garbage and dead animals.
Firefly This insect is very religious.
Praying Mantis They are either red and black or orange and black.
Bee You can see them at night because they glow.

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