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Introduction to Plants

J. Torres

No description

Vascular System Reproductive structure that produces pollen and seeds
Vegetative part type of edible dry fruit, rice, corn and wheat
Cereals Part of plant body that grows downward
Monocot Waxy layer, does not allow gas exchange
Guard Cells Plants probably evolved from these protists
Photosynthesis Part of plant body that grows upward
Fruits Seed plants that flower
Grains Flowering plants that produce seeds with one seed leaf
Algae Lack true roots, stems and leaves and are small in size
Stomata Seed plants whose seeds are not found in a sealed container (fruit)
Gymnosperms System that distributes water and nutrients in some plants
Autotrophs Grasses that are grown as food and eaten by humans and livestock
Cuticle Pigment involved in photosynthesis
Root Conversion of light energy into chemical energy
Shoot Organisms who produce their own food
Seed Cells that border the stoma, help open and close stoma
Flower Members of the pea family include peas, beans, and peanuts
Dicot Nonreproductive part of a plant
Angiosperm Flowering plants produce seeds with two seed leaves
Chlorophyll Hairlike projections of nonvascular plants
Legumes Contains the embryo of the plant
Nonvascular Plants Pores that allow gas exchange
Rhizoid Provide protection for developing seeds, promote seed dispersal

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