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Charles Robinson

No description

Seapen Stinging cells found on Polyps
Urchins Has 10 legs, Brachyura
Earth Worms Attach to rocks, and shells
Clams A pen that is found in the sea
Parasites Sphecoidea
Dragonfly a small animal that lives and feeds in or on another animal
Sponges Things you find in a kitchen
Mussels Crayfish
Shellfish Has 8 arms, Known as the Devil Fish
Beetles Soft bodied, and protected by a calcareous shell
Octo Corral Chilopoda, has poisonous fangs
Spicules Medusa
Snails Muscidae
Octopus Coleopterous insect
Brittlestars Arachnids
Oysters Flatworms
Limpets Aquatic and Have a crustlike shell
Millipedes Prickly and otters eat them
Jellfish Antipatharia
Nematocysts Have pearls in them
Bottlebrush Corral Arthropodes that are slow moving and herbivorous
Porifra Segmented Worms
Konch Move supper slow, and salt can kill it
Lobster Stichopathes Abyssicda
Moths A fish that lives in a shell
Crustaceans A fly you don't spread on toast
Wire Corral Make honey
Abalone Gastropods
Grasshoppers Metallogorgia
Mollusks Has a lobster like body and a poisonous segmented tail
Planarian Has a trumpet-shaped shell
Flies A fly named after a mythical creature
Cap Corral Desmophyllum Dianthus
Wasps A type of shellfish, Haliotis
Shrimp Parantipathes Larix
Crabs Ophiocreas
Bees Has a large univalve shell of a spiral and often has a hornlike appearance
Squid Mya Arenaria
Butterflies Attracted to lights at night
Triton Has 10 arms, and a beak for a mouth
Cephalopods Orthopterous insect
Scorpians Stars that are found in the sea
Seastars Type of Crustacean that is very tasty in cocktail sauce
Black Corral Have a small, slender, sharp-pointed body
Spiders Guys have these on their arms

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