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Killer Bacteria

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necrotizing fascitis retain the purple color of crystal violet
cholera infection of the kidney
gardnerella vaginosis do not retain purple color, restained with red/pink
typhus formed in the lungs; weight loss; leading killer of worlds infectious diseases
carbuncle most common tickborne disease; rash at bite site; then flu like symptoms
acid fast high fever, cough, and genral symptoms of pneumonia; microbes grow in water of AC cooling towers and water lines of many hospitals
food poisoning flesh eating bacteria; infection grows rapidly; mortality rate exceeds 40%
impetigo varies in size; binary fission, classified by shape and staining ability
typhoid fever food poisoning; progressive flaccid paralysis for 1-10 days and may die from respiratory or cardiac failure
plague caused by oral ingestion; 3 types discusses, stahpyococcal, salmonellosis; escherchia coli(ecoli)
tetanus inflammation of the urethra not caused by gonorrhea; female inflmmation of the fallopian tubes
pneumonia pustular infection; transmitted by direct contact or inhalation; results in septicemia; mortality is high; spores multiply in the lymp nodes; strikes primarily grazing animals
leprosy infection of hair follicle; caused by staphylococcus aureus
botulism pinkish red skin rash and a high fever
spiral used to identify mycobacterium
otitis media nonspecific term for a variety of GI disturbances; profuse watery diarrhea, dehydration
scarlet fever obligately anaerobic; gram positive; common in soil contaminated with animal feces; results in sever muscle spasms
bacteria cause of colitis and diarrhea following antibiotic usage; chief cause of nosocomial (hospital acquired) diarrhea
cystitis spherical
clostridium difficile starts as a red painful papule then undergoes necrosis leaving tender ulcer with raised borders; rabbit fever; deerfly fever
lyme disease skin cells are infected and disfiguring nodules form all over the body; loss of sensation; derormation of the hand into a clawed form; hansens disease
q fever red, inflamed skin; often with streaks
gonorrhea boil; pus sorrounded by inflamed tissue
strep throat males experience painful urniation and discharge of pus;females can result in PID and sterility
gram negative death of soft tissue from loss of blood supply; perfringens organisms grow they ferment carbohydrates and produce gases that swell tissue
syphilis curved shape with one or more twists
chlamydia inflammation of the urinary bladder in females
gas gangrene short period of arthritis and fever but may progress to inflammation of heart; occurs primarily in ages 4-18
pyleonephritis disease of rats, transmitted by rat fleas; death within a weak; mortality is 50-75%
cellulitis hardening of the inside of the heart; two types subacute and acute
coccus not found in animals; spread in feces of humans; high fever and continuous HA; diarrhea appears once fever leaves
rheumatic fever infection of the middle of the ear
shigellosis tough grayish membrane that forms in the throat; swelling of the neck
furuncle fishy odor and frothy discharge; nuisance more than a serious infection
bacterial meningitis transmitted by sexual contact of all kinds; disease progresses thru 5 stages
anthrax severe form of diarrhea; bacillary dysentery; four species
tularemia caused by one of three bacteria; early symptoms similar to cold
tuberculosis steptococcal pharyngitis
legionnaires disease hard round deep inflammation of the tissue under the skin with sypmptoms of illness
folliculitis honey colored, crusty lesions
gram positive pneumococcal; high fever, breathing difficulty and chest pain
dental caries rod shaped
bacillus caused by rickettsias, 3 different types; epidemic, endemic; rocky mountain spotted fever
diptheria oral bacteria convert sucrose into lactic acid attacking tooth enamel; tooth decay
endocarditis rickettsia that survives airborne transmission; spread through feces of cattle

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