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Macromolecules and Photosynthesis

BI 102

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stroma part of chloroplast where glucose is stored
monosaccharide disease that results from an incorrectly assembled hemoglobin
lightreaction type of respiration that does not require oxygen
carbon the use of glucose to create ATP in a cell
starch globular protein used for immune defense
polymers simple sugar that is used as an energy source in cells
cellulose simple sugar
nucleotides lipid with a rigid backbone and no fatty acid tails
protein part of chloroplast where oxygen and atp are formed
hemoglobin nucleotide that acts as a messanger in hormone regulation
atp disruption of hydrogen bonds will do this to a protein
wax cluster of atoms that give a molecule its specific chemical properties
antibody compounds that consist of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio of 1:2:1
glucose conversion of sunlight energy to chemical energy
cellularrespiration major structural material of plants
keratin nucleic acids that carry genetic information
dna organelle where photosynthesis is carried out
mitochondria disaccharide consisting of glucose and fructose
denature part of photosynthesis where oxygen and atp are formed
sucrose type of respiration that requires oxygen
anaerobic oily of waxy organic compound
chloroplast nucleic acids that are imprtant in protein synthesis
camp lipid that is solid at room temperature
functionalgroup large molecules built of smaller organic molecules
rna chain of polypeptides
aminoacids atom that all "molecules of life" are built with
polysaccharide nucleic acid that acts as an energy carrier
steroid thousands of these linked together make a protein
photosynthesis complex carbohydrate
thylakoid lipid that is liquid at room temperature
darkreaction structural component of hair
glycogen carbohydrate that makes up the hard shell in many animals
aerobic complex mixture of lipids that are tightly packed together and water proof
fat main carbohydrate used in energy storage in plants
lipid organelle where cellular repiration is carried out
carbohydrates essential lipid in cell membranes
chitin globular protein that carries oxygen in the blood
oil complex carbohydrate used as energy storage in animals
sicklecellanemia DNA and RNA consist of chains of these
phospolipid part of photosynthesis where glucose is formed

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