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Amy Mauceri

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glycogen the chemical processes involved with the production of cellular ATP
phosphocreatine metabolic pathway in the mitochondria in which energy is tranferred from carbohydrates, fats and amino acids to NAD for subsequent production of ATP in the electron transport chain
ETS a simple sugar that is transported via the blood and metabolized by tissues
ATP high energy phosphate compund synthesized and used by cells to release energy for cellular work
glucose term used to describe the metabolic pathway involving muscle stores of ATP and the use of phosphocreatine to rephosphorylate ADP. This pathway is ised at the onset of ecercise and during short term high intensity work
FAD breakdown of free fatty acids to form acetyl-CoA
bioenergetics enzyme capable of breaking down ATP to ADP Pi energy
aerobic without oxygen
ATPase an increase in the muscle glucogen content above normal levels following an exercise induced muslce glycogen depletion and an increase in carbohydrate intake
supercompensation a metabolic pathway in the cytoplasm of the cell that results in the degradation of glucose into pyruvate or lactate
betaoxidation a glucose polymer synthesized in cells as a means of storing carbohydrates
lactic acid an end product of glucose metabolism in the glycolytic pathway, formed in conditions of inadequate oxygen and in muscle fibers with few mitochondria
ADP with oxygen
anaerobic a stimulator of cellular metablusm, split off, along with ADP, from ATP when energy is released
inorganicphosphate flavin adenine dinucleotide. serves as an elsctron carrier in bioenergetics
coricycle a series of cytochromes in the mitochondria that are responsible for oxidative phosporylation
NAD a molecule that combines with inorganic phosphate to form ATP
Krebscycle coenzyme that transfers hydrogen and the energy associated with those hydrogens, in the krebs cycle, NAD transfers energy from susbtrates to the electron tranpsort chain
glycolysis the cylce of lactate to glucose between the muscle and liver
ATP-PCsystem a compound found in skeletal muscle and used to resynthesize ATP from ADP

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