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Eukaryotic Normal stage of Cell Life where it grows and works as normal
telophase Zygote is create when male _______ fertilizes an _________.
prophase Stage where DNA is Copied
growthandrepair Chromosomes condense, nuclear membrane dissolves
cytokinesis There are only _____ phase of mitosis.
Mother Nuclear membrane reforms, Chromosomes relax
onetrillion Abbreviation for the phases of mitosis including interphase.
synthesis Quagmire's occupation
three not a phase but is the physical splitting of the cell.
gaptwo Resting Stage
spermegg Estimate of amount of cells in the human body
Surfacetovolume name of the two cells that are produced by mitosis
alien the ___________ ratio decreases as volume increases
single Name of the cell that starts mitosis
cells Sister chromatids are separated and moved to the ends of the cell
Specialized If you have a nucleus, what type of cell are you?
pilot Nonsexual cell division is called
ipmat Most organisms start as a ___________ cell
daughter Two reasons why cells need to divide
gapone There is no change to the ________ of a cell in mitosis
centromere Cells can have unique functions. refered to as this.
interphase What is Roger from American Dad?
metaphase These can take in nutrients and expel wastes across their membranes
chromatid Name of the structure that holds sister chromatids together
mitosis If I give you three apples, how many apples do you have?
genetics Chromosomes line up in the center
anaphase Everything is stopped and checked before division
four Name of each copy when sharing the same centromere

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