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Natural Selection/ Ecology Unit

Mrs. Pasquale/ Life Scieice

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detritivores Shows how living things transfer energy by eating or being eaten.
ecology Inherited traits that increase an organism's chance of survival.
heterotroph Organism that uses light to make food through photosynthesis.
theory A collection of different populations
adaptation Rely on producers or heterotrophs for their food.
abiotic A group of individuals of the same species that live in the same area
niche The role of the organism in the ecosystem.
foodchain Nonliving, physical things of interaction.
population Organism that relies on the energy stored in chemical compounds to make their food.
community The part of the planet where all life exists
biosphere A group of ecosystems with the same climate.
phototroph A well-suported, testable explanation of events that occur in the natural world.
biotic Greatly reduced structures that no longer serve any role.
homologousstructures Living things of interaction.
biome A group of similar organisms that breed and produce fertile offspring
ecosystem Feed on the remains of other organisms.
carnivore Nature that selects those variations found useful for organisms in an environment.
habitat Rely on other organisms for their food.
naturalselection All the organisms in a specific place together with their biotic and abiotic factors.
omnivores Diagrams that show the relative amounts of energy or matter at each trophic leve.
fossilrecord Get energy from eating only plants.
autotroph Develop from the same embryonic tissues that provide evidence of modifications from common ancestors.
herbivore Break down organic matter.
artificialselection change over time
decomposer Each step in a food chain or food web.
species Links together all the food chains in an ecosystem.
chemotroph The scientific study of the interactions of organisms and their environment.
ecologicalpyramid Get energy from eating only animals.
producer Process in which humans breed organisms with desired variations of specific traits.
consumer Organisms that make their own food.
vestigialorgans The dependence of biotic and abiotic factors in an environement.
foodweb Get energy from eating both plants and animals.
interdependence Organisms that use the energy in sunlight or chemicals to make their own food.
trophiclevel An area where an organism lives.
evolution Comparing fossils from older and younger rock layers.

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