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Mrs. Spring

No description

Cavity-nester Loose material on the Earth's surface in which plants grow
Fungus Decomposer also known as "pill bugs"
Sowbug Decomposer who creates air tunnels in soil
Soil Microscopic decomposer
Salamander Mushrooms, molds are types of this; cannot make own food
Humus Part of soil that is remains of once living plants and animals
Insect-eater Vitamins/minerals necessary for life and growth of plants and animals
Bacteria Lives under moist decomposing wood to breathe through its skin
Nitrogen Dead once living material lying on the ground or at the bottom of the vernal pool
Nutrients A woodpecker is one of these
Earthworm Chipmunk, raccoon, woodpecker
Detritus Element recycled back to soil by dead organisms and animal waste

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