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Plant Transport

K Rylance

Revision for words associated with leaves and plant transport B4a, B4b

palisade mesophyll The tissue that transports water and dissolved minerals up a plant.
dicotyledon A plant that has two seed halves.
lysis When a plant cell is held in shape by the water pressure in the vacuole.
stoma Bursting of an animal cell due to water gain.
phloem Two cells that control the opening and closing of a stoma.
crenation A central hollow cavity allowing passage of water in the xylem.
plasmolysis The tissue that transports dissolved food substances up and down the plant.
cuticle Part of a leaf that carries water to the cells.
wilting Shrinking of animal cells due to loss of water.
guard cells Large rectangular cells in the leaf where most photosynthesis takes place.
chlorophyll The movement of sugars and other food materials through the phloem.
lumen The movement of water from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration through a partially permeable membrane.
transpiration A small pore on the underside of a leaf.
translocation The green pigment produced by plants that traps light energy.
xylem The waxy layer on the top surface of leaves that reduces water loss.
turgid When a plant cell loses shape due to a drop in water pressure in the vacuole.
vein The shrinking of plant cells that have lost water and the cell membrane has come away from the cell wall.
osmosis The loss of water from plant leaves.
flaccid What happens to a plant that does not take in enough water.

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