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Kelly Nottingham

No description

pseudocoelomate "wormlike"
complete lost by parasites
protonephridia type of feeding for turbellarian
nemertea flatworm that lacks coelomic space
monogenea type of reproduction nematodes do NOT undergo
nematodes type of nerve cords connected like a ladder
longitudinal type of symmetry in platyhelminthes
scolex phylum of ribbon worms
STYLET order of turbellaria with multi-branched gut
asexual turbellarian sexual hermaphroditic reproduction
bilateral lacks a true coelom
ganglion modified pharynx; used to ingest prey
primary "head" in cestodes
trophic tract where cestodes live
hooks surrounds the proboscis in nemertea
vermiform aggregation of nervous tissue
mesenchyme tapeworm class
acoelomate order of trematodes that live only as ectoparasites
turbellaria type of characteristic carried over from embryonic development to adulthood
rhabdocoela what is provided for cilia to work against
tegument phylum of roundworms with no circular muscles
cestodes adaptations for staying put
rhynchocoel nose-like trunk used for feeding in nemertea
digena type of host where sexual reproduction takes place
polycladida tissue level of platyhelminthes and nematodes
penis fencing excretory system uses...
closed embryonic structure that is retained by the adult
proglottids provided for muscle to work against
mucous free living flatworms
carnivorous simple gut order of turbellaria
paedomorphic tough outer covering produced by ectoderm in trematodes
eyes repeating units in adult tapeworms; future tapeworms
proboscis type of transmission where infection is done through feeding
digestive order of trematodes that have multiple hosts
blastocoel digestive system of nematodes is...
triploblastic type of circulatory system in nemertea

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