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Kelly Nottingham

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paraphyletic cells arranged in simple sheets
choanoderm how classes of sponges are divided, based on...
oxidation type of reproduction in sponges
fragmentation class of sponges with spicules made of calcium carbonate
asconoid contain an ancestral group and all of its descendants
atrium inner layer of a sponge
leuconoid inorganic skeleton
hexactinellida internal transport occurs by
microvilli epithelial layer of sponges containing pinacocytes
demospongiae how water moves through a sponge
spongin process that occurs when the organic part of a sponge is bleached
diffusion derived from 2 or more distinct ancestral lineages; not ok
encrusting glass sponges
monophyletic exclude one or more descendants of an ancestor
passive collagen matrix giving sponge its shape
choanoflagelletes another type of sponge shape
polyphyletic class of sponges with megascleres and microscleres; most common
pinacoderm first living organism
synapomorphy a shared, derived character
symmetry what the flagellum is surrounded by
spicules one type of spomge shape
barrel most complex body form; chambered
calcarea central water chamber

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